Dr O P Mishra

Dr. Om Prakash Mishra or popularly known as Dr.Prakash has been involved in medical practice for almost 36 years in a suburb of Lucknow
( Mau,Mohanlalaganj).

Right from his childhood days he was moved by the flight of the poor &downtrodden members of the society which prompted him to be a medical professional.

Infact his first preference of setting up clinic was Mau, Mohanlalganj only because of his self-belief that the rural India should not be at least discriminated on basis of health standards. During these years he has not only treated lacs of patients but also volunteered various social activities aimed at enhancing public awareness.

After 36 years of hard work, dedication & strive to do better for  the community he has been able to realize his long cherished dream of ‘Health Equality for All’ which has become the mission of             Indian Rural Medicos Society (IRMS) by involving like-minded individuals spread across the geographical boundaries of Uttar Pradesh. Although in its nascent stage still IRMS has been able to galvanize individuals.

Apart from his medical responsibilities & duties Dr Mishra has been actively involved in journalism. He has been a regular column writer for Hindi dailies like AmratPrabhat ,Rastriya Sahara , Swantantra Bharat etc.