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Indian constitution considers all citizen equal however the crude reality is that rural India is considered as grade-II Indians where there is paucity of basic needs of a human.

Govt. of India had launched a beautiful initiative called NRHM (National Rural Health Mission) in yr 2005 ,mooted for 7 years (2005-2012),aiming at improved health care delivery across rural India however it was clouded by a large-scale corruption scandal involving almost 10,000 Crore rupees.

Even if the monetary loss is left aside the big question is with huge gaps between the demand & supply of health care providers and population which is growing annually at a rate of 2% annually how many years it would take to get things back on track and whether it would be implemented meticulously as planned. What is making things more worse is apathy of MBBS doctors toward rural India as they don’t want to come down to rural areas..

World Health Organization (WHO) has suggested that a ratio of 1:300 between a Doctor & patient is benchmark for quality healthcare service however the ratio in rural India is 1:25000 with lack of quality infrastructure & basic medical facilities.

A glance at the current Indian medical system captures the entire story-

·         Medical Colleges : 266

·         Dental colleges: 268

·         MBBS doctors/year : 30,290

·         Dental surgeons/year: 20,080

·         Nursing colleges: 1,597

·         Pharmacy colleges: 461

·         Degree/ Diploma Pharmacists: 27,735


·         UTTAR PRADESH – 19 Cr Population – Medical colleges -16

·         BIHAR – 9 Cr Population – Medical colleges -8

·         RAJASTHAN – 8 Cr population – Medical Colleges -8

·         Madhya Pradesh – 8 Cr Population – Medical Colleges – 12 Cr